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Using Your Email to Boost Your SEO

Your email correspondence is not only for daily communication but also for your SEO needs.

SEO or search engine optimisation is the bread and butter for anyone who owns a website. It holds a great impact not only for business owners but also for digital marketers; it’s the only thing that keeps virtual visibility afloat in search engines. Without good SEO, a product or service doesn’t have enough of a reach towards consumers.

An SEO is an essential component when running a business website or any webpages. What is the use of a page without optimising your own part in search engines? None. So, to put it simply, SEO is the bomb in this industry. And to make a new light out of it, you can even use your email stint to drive SEO results to your advantage. It’s a tool that you can use to gain attention to your campaign as well as to promote it. There might not a direct impact when using email for your SEO results but there are ways to make it useful on your side if it’s done right. Here’s how you can achieved that.



Email or emailing is when you’re establishing rapport with the receiver, right? The email is your stand-off point to which you begin to interact with bloggers. This is where your relationship will start with them. You can’t just barged in a home without knowing first the owner and without introducing yourself. You have to build that influence and start engaging yourself as your authority grows with them.

For example, you have an infographic you want to promote and you want to send it off to all the right people that you’re sure to share it with their very own audience. And so, before you can do that, you need to send them an email and start a conversation to get a good feel on your targets.

This email engagement alone sparks all sorts of reaction depending on how well your reach is. Thought you just can’t sit and wait for your Google ranking but an email can start that first step which is the influence.


Encourage Promotion and Inbound Links

Your email engagement is the breathing fire of your business. Once you’ve established your relationships with bloggers, you can encourage them to check your posts and eventually let them know that they can share it to their own site. Now, isn’t that a good deal?

If you have published an article about the SEO trends, then the bloggers that you’d like to share it should also be about the know-hows of SEO. Remember that Google likes to scour through their search engine and give rankings to those that have quality and relevant posts. When reaching out to other people, there is one important thing that needs to be kept in mind and that is to make sure that they are relevant to your content because there’s a high chance that they’ll share your post.


Use Email for Daily Updates

Your email is not only for your marketing but it can serve you within your website. Put up a “subscribe” option on your website and let any of your visitors or followers know that they can subscribe so that they can do a daily update.

Take note, this is to your advantage. A daily update sent to their emails on a daily basis is heaven on earth since you can still customised the email and be able to link your posts there. In this way, your subscribers will receive fresh content every now and then which will also encourage them to share your post. It’s a total win-win for everyone.


Brand Awareness

The most important thing in this whole digital work is that you’re starting to raise awareness for your own business website. With the emails and relationship and the reputation that you’re starting to throw out there, people will soon recognise your brand.

The internet is a whole new world which is connecting everyone in one place which means that you have a great platform to use. In order for you to succeed in this race, make sure that your emails are friendly and smart, content is awesome and that you keep your connection.


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