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Top Things to Know About the Digital Marketing Evolution

Over the years, marketing has gradually develop. From the known traditional marketing towards modern ones, it’s taking its toll on every businesses these days. With the continuous improvement of technology, marketing took online work. In the midst of radio, television, and whatnot – computers have become apparent to the future era of marketing.

Internet network connection made it the centre of all business transactions. Retailers, startup businesses, and even education are taking place online and it’s not even surprising to most. Many sellers and consumers make a deal through the internet. While we still hear advertisements on radios or commercials and some physical businesses here and there, it’s not something new that there are business activities are done online.

The internet on its feet.

Right from the moment that it was discovered; way back the 1900s or so, the internet was created by a dozen of thinkers who wanted to revolutionised the world. People like, Nikola Tesla, Paul Otlet and Vannevar Bush – all who have contributed to the invention of the internet. Not soon after, the first project was released around the 1960s and then one way led to another – groups of scientists and other great thinkers polarised drafts for the perfect internet, one after the other.

The first working Internet was ARPANET, a funded project by the U.S Department of Defense. This prototype was subsequently on allowing multiple articles to exchange data but through a single network only.

The internet grew until scientists, Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf, created Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol. This one now is a bit different with ARPANET since TCP/IP sets how data is channeled through multiple networks. It was then adopted by the ARPANET and became the modern network.

Tim Berner came into the picture by developing the World Wide Web; the one platform that channels all data when doing research and connecting with social media and the like. From then, the internet became the King.


How the digital marketing came to be

Digital marketing is a digital activity in which businesses purchase ads or even make their own marketing through the web improve their digital reach and visual. Digital promoting products and services has increased throughout the time since people are using the internet on a day to day basis. 70 million of the population and counting are on their screens all the time.
That fact alone leaves digital marketing as the primary work for all businesses to increase their sales.

Digital marketing was at testy at first, nobody really knows how the digital platform can be incorporated even with the internet. Back then, the information seen online is still not sharable and workable. It was just data upon data. Until the first ad went live that Hotwired purchased some which marked the first marketing activity online. The history and evolution of digital marketing as written by Avantika Monnappa gradually provided a very detailed picture below,

1994 – This was the first year that technology saw the entrance of digital marketing. It’s also the same year that Yahoo was launched.
1998 – Google was born, MSN developed MSN Search and Yahoo bought Yahoo marketplace.
2004 – The internet and marketing in the U.S brought in $2 billion in total.
2006 – Search engine boasted a surge to 6 million, inviting bigger businesses to take part with online marketing. Google and Yahoo competed with each other while MSN kept up with them.

Google took up within themselves to introduce an ad buy-outs as well as Yahoo. It’s a marketing strategy where businesses can bid or buy ad placements, whether within a web page or as a part of their search results. In that case, users can easily detect or see any brands that have already bought the said ad on webpages that they are currently visiting or owned. Now remember, this is already at the time of the Web 2.0 which have already actively participated on these online activities that have garnered more work from marketing specialists, big search engines and businesses. Starting from this timeline until present, marketing has improved and making profits a lot. This happens almost every month, if not every every week and that’s thanks to all users who are using the internet non-stop.

Social media joining in is another thing that brought marketing a boost. Since almost all the people in this world is using social media platforms, it also welcomed opportunities for businesses to promote their products or services. This type of marketing will be discussed more under strategies.


Popular kinds of digital marketing

Digital strategies are a series of planned action by the specialist and incorporate it to the growth of a website. It needs to advertise and rank a certain page so that a good number of users can see it on top when they are searching the internet.

A digital marketing strategy usually depends upon the marketing goals and the basic blueprint of how to achieve this. It shouldn’t be difficult since the strategies are already well-known in this industry but it does take awhile to make it more effective not only for page ranking but for the audience that it needs to target.

Search Engine Optimisation

This is also known as SEO. It is a type of marketing that can help web pages rank in search engines. Every click that a webpage garners in a period of time can generate enough volume to rank the website. Despite the algorithms that kept on changing overtime, it’s always has the same target – to rank pages.

Pay Per Click

This is a type of ad that can earn a website clicks instead of getting it organically. Businesses usually use PPC to promote their items online or have their brands appear on numerous search engines. If you noticed a yellow “ad” sign whenever you search for something, that’s a PPC.

Content Marketing

Content marketing goes a long long way. It is dubbed as the King of marketing because of it holds a very powerful message; it provides a content throughout all the platform. From website blogs, Press Releases, and videos, content is the main tool to make it.

Video Marketing

Videos online aren’t just a new thing. Youtube has so many sources of videos that it garnered a lot of users as well as “watchers” that it profits from. Music videos and ads are the essential point on Youtube.

Alongside of that, there are many videos today that are also going viral online especially social media platforms. According to this, 54% consumers want to watch branded videos in comparison with email subscription or social images. That’s how big videos are today!

Social Media Marketing

And now we come to social media marketing – and it became one of the most effective marketing of all. A lot of users you’ll see today are found using social media sites. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are one of the most popular sites. In here, users can share, update photos and statues to say the least.

For every creative content that a business or an advertiser that is publish, there’s a high possibility that it will be shared throughout all pages found in the internet.

Side note:

Smart insights gave a very specific statistics on digital marketing last 2017.

  • Media and publishing outlets have domain authority through Moz of 86.
  • 91% in the US sites produced by mobile search.
  • 50% page-1 Google results have HTTPS altogether.
  • Last April 2017, global marketing has over 77%.

Digital marketing has come a long way. From the discovery of the internet up until the introduction of online market has an increasing demand of operation. This goes to show that even if the numbers fall, digital marketing will still evolve all through the years.

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