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Top Technology Trends in 2018

From Back to the Future to the present times; technology has taken people into a whirlwind of magical-techs that are now being used by people for every day use.



Technology is an unending cycle of intense creation that made life easier. It’s more of a craft, a conspicuous work of art that gradually develops and is being enhanced over time. During the course of the human life-span, technology has existed and have always been present in people’s day to day activities.

With how technology is being utilised at present, more and more high-tech products are being created at present.  For example, GPS on cars help out drivers wave through traffic problems. Weather and news can be seen or read through our mobile phones. The security and alarm system on homes are now prevalent, making it easier for police to investigate break-ins and other crimes.

The evolution of technology affects everyone from work towards their home; it is everywhere!


Let’s talk first about the digital industry.

The digital industry is at its peak, to say the least. It has generated thousands of marketing jobs and workers and not to mention how it has touched online lives. It doesn’t come to a surprise that with technology growing our digital behaviour is also changing.

Many businesses are also taking advantage of online activities; marketing and selling of products or even promoting services are very rampant in this platform. And it goes to show with their revenue since many people are now using the internet to make business deals as well.

This is the reason why digital industry is included in here because we are digitally conscious because of technology. This particular industry grew because of our tech-wise age making it easy for online jobs to blossom over a period of time.


Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or A.I is a system created from human intelligence and infused with technology. The basic concept before was to create programmable machines which can think like humans. And then it slowly improved over time; aside from it becoming a technology discovery, it’s also being used in businesses today.

Examples of A.I:

  •  Performance Automation is an A.I which is programmed to work on high and heavy work as compared to normal A.Is. Tasks are repeatable but it’s high-volume in demand and capacity.
  • Machine vision is a programmed computer system which is use to get visual through computer A.I. It is mostly used in medical activities, such as medical imaging for various forms of medical needs.
  • National Language Processing or NLP is a known system that processes human language to a computer. It reads context written by humans to detect it languages that can either help with a certain communication or not.


Cloud Usage

As business tend to grow and increase their work by using A.I, there’s also the possibility to utilise the feature of cloud. To run an A.I would need a large number of storage so the system can be placed without any obstacles of space. With the help of cloud, it’s public feature can help with running an artificial intelligence no matter what the model can be.

Most clouds are for storing; Apple products for one uses cloud for backup. It is in this regard that cloud is useful. It’s also the reason why many A.I developers are using Cloud.

Cloud computing and A.I are different story; in the future, these two are believed to be the strongest fusion that technology has ever met. A.I storing its data to cloud in order to learn and they work vice versa. In that regards, they are both storing and learning languages and other system attributes.


Virtual Experience

Let’s not forget about virtual reality which has the ability mixed real time and virtual applications. The ever so popular VR gives a new thrill to all gamers worldwide by putting game into real life or what is also called, virtual immersion

With how technology is growing today, it will not come to a surprise that Virtual Reality will also touch vendor selling, system software vendors and other retailers that are turning their businesses online.



Blockchain – who could ever forget the rise of a decentralised system? Instead of businessmen or buyers using a third party to complete a purchase or re-stock, blockchain diminished the third person and provided a channel where two individuals making a transaction are the only present. It is a equally distributed and tokenised according to its blockchain system. A good number of individuals today make a transaction by using blockchain – a simpler method for a “job well done” but under a mutual understanding by present parties. It’s token, a virtual currency, had made a good number of people rich just by its sheer amount of value.  


Software and applications

For individuals who have already immersed themselves in the internet world, these two are not too far behind. The rise of technology also increased the need to product newer and bigger softwares and applications. Phones are becoming more of an A.I, high-tech and systematised gadget ever since. And with better phones available now, trust that there will be plenty of applications which will be made available for all users to get.

And it doesn’t stop with that as well – softwares and applications are both used in companies. Digital, publishing, and so many other businesses generate their income by using the best of the best software or app in doing work.



From talking computers down towards real robots – technology isn’t stopping! High quality apps and softwares are used to create the best moving robotics in the industry. And then, countries around the world are competing with each to invent a top-notch machine to serve and even entertain people!

This is not your usual Terminator. Robots are around serving people, not only in movies. There are some working around aquatic projects and others are landing on the moon.



Technology trend will not stop here; remember, that there’s still flying cars to discover. Our life is basically controlled by tech. With few more years to come, there’ll be newer and unimaginable inventions to be used in such digital activities.

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