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Top SEO Trends to Expect This 2018

It’s a new year indeed and it’s getting even newer for the SEO industry. The world of SEO is getting bigger with its new trends this 2018.


You, Google and its algorithms are like a game of dodgeball; you as an SEO expert or learning to be, keeps it high and dry to dodge everything that the multi-million company throws your way. It’s never a walk in the park and there are no shortcuts to get by smoothly at the end of the road. Our digitalised system nowadays keeps getting reformed because of its ever-changing rule. And because of that, just one wrong turn and you’ll end up at the bottom of the food chain or search results for this matter.

As these advances seem to strive harder that what it was before, there are a good number of “safety” tips that can provide value for you to use in this “SEO game”. Here are the top SEO trends that will roll this 2018.

Structured Data

Structured Data is basically an HTML format or a code which uses a “rich vocabulary” as oppose to “regular wording”. The HTML code sends this command to the system (search engine) in where it will be interpreted and it will show the SERP how it should look like on display.  

It’s like programming – once the code is up, the system will patch up these group of directives and form a solid structure out of it.

Why is Structured Data the bomb for 2018?

Well, knowing Google, it’s main focused is to see rich searches which will give them the opportunity to pave the way to even richer contents. With Structured Data, the “snippets” can help increase click-through-rate; maybe because its newly customized “vocabulary” looks like a “genius” for search engines and people who are searching for it too. With that, it will gain more clicks in comparison with other mundane search results.


Loading Speed

Truth be told, Google sees a website or a page as “rich” and with “quality” if it loads faster than a speeding bullet. It should be fast – like 3 seconds fast. If you’re always checking your site and it takes about a minute to get the full content up, you need to have that one checked out again.

How will you be able to check it out?

You can do this manually by just going to your website. But you can also use Google’s speed test and run it. It will give you the exact result that you need and it will show you which areas to improve on your site.

How is this the bomb?

Speed is big not only for Google but for most people who are doing the search. If your site loads fast enough, you’re good to go. It may not be the majordomo for SEO but it is if you’re expecting a grand scale of Google ranking.


Quality Content

An awesome content is not a newly coined term in the SEO industry. Google LOVES them some good published posts and this is why they highly acknowledged them. Look at sites like Huffington Post; all they have to do is write in a very godly way and that’s why they’re top of the line.

Why is this happening?

Relevance – that’s what Google wants. No matter how much you say that your content is good but if the topic is way beyond relevance, you will not get the recognition you want. The system that they run recognizes a good content by allowing it to scan through billions of articles, sift through terms used, and how the content was built.

So when you write, make sure that the topic is something that you really care deeply. It needs to be written with knowledge and experience that only YOU can write with gusto. One of the things that you can do this is to always search for the most trending relatable topic that you can use up. From there, you’d be able to write whatever is required from you.


Mobile Friendly

Your website must always be mobile friendly. It will serve its purpose in which people from all around the world who has a phone can actively visit your site. It’s the ancho for ranking since most search results come from mobile usage. It’s in Google’s index, so you better have your site run through those screen faster, easier and free!

It’s inevitable. You just can’t ignore the fact that you need a mobile friendly site other than just getting features to make it relevant.

SERP Features

And finally, the rise of the SERP features. Why this is so important? Because an SERP is your MOJO. It’s your site’s life and a gift that Google bestowed to all website owners.

SERP is the reason why some sites are getting higher clicks and it’s also the reason why some aren’t. To put it simply, SERP is the APPEARANCE of pages and the reason behind Google ranking. With SERP, your website would look way cooler when people search for it and when it appears they click “enter”.

SERP Features include snippets, results, knowledge graph, AdWords and so much more.

All of the are getting all the attentions from searchers and if you have these, your site is in for a brighter future.


There are a lot of things to learn about SEO; even then, it’s not an assurance that everything will be the same. The digital era is offering the mass population a centralized system, there’s always going to be change. But if you keep on the updates and work through the improvements, then it won’t be any problem for you or your website.


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