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Tips in Making a Good Quality Article

There are so many websites today that make use of a “blog” as it helps them grow digitally. Anyone can do this – even those that are not relatively experienced in the writing field. But creating an article isn’t just a walk on the park. It is already a challenge to make a good quality article.But the content also relies solely on its writer.  The writer must be consistent and should be able to produce a good and high-quality article. It doesn’t take much to research but producing a compelling, attractive and an article that is sharable to all social sites. But how can a writer or you, do this?


Make use of stronger headlines.

The stronger the headlines, the more interesting an article can be. Readers LOVE to read articles that are both informative and entertaining but they usually go first for headlines that tells much more than the actual article. With so many articles up and about in the web right now, there are only few people who will continue reading throughout the whole content. That’s the very reason why you need to create a very good title, something that will tell your readers to finish the content.

Search for a topic first before deliberating what kind of title you’d be using. Look at the articles that you see on search results; pick up the ones that are going viral or those that are ranked first.

If you noticed, they are always using words like, “Huge Reasons Why the Economy is Falling “, “Huge Mistakes Why You’re Still Single,” “The Shocking Truth Behind Cancer” and so on. These are phrases that will tell your readers how interesting your article can be even if they haven’t started yet.


Start with a unique and original content.

Uniqueness and originality are the two main concept in creating the most interesting piece that readers have seen in the digital world – also search engines look forward to this kind of things.

It is wise to do some research but you shouldn’t copy a whole paragraph or sentence if you’re not planning to state the source because that would be plagiarism. Make it a practice to mention sources but focus on creating a real content out of it.


Never underestimate the power of your introduction.

You must ensure your introduction just as you would introduce yourself to people. Every content must be introduced. Never think that your readers already know what you’re talking about. To have an opener to a topic is the most essential thing you can ever do for your content.

You must give your readers a good way of telling them what they will be expecting. In this way, you’re telling them to keep reading because your content is “interesting and can provide them information that they need”. With such an enticing introduction,  you’re keeping your readers up on their toes.


Be informative and provide answers.

As a writer, you have to make sure that the information you’re writing is very relevant to your audience. Hence, you need to ensure that you’re giving them the information they need.

If you’re writing about tips, give them that. If you’re writing how-to, then remain in that kind of content. Don’t sway away from the idea. Be the idea and make a good article from that.



To write an article, make something because you wanted to do that. Write it because you want to provide information and that you want to teach your readers from the content you’re giving.

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