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Simple Guide: Knowing Your Way Through Affiliate Marketing

Venturing through the ups and downs of business is a creative process. A businessman must always welcome change and apply practices that are necessary. And just as much as physical stores, online businesses can achieve good marketing through a series of strategies; and one of them is doing an affiliate marketing.

There are so many perks when taking your market into the World Wide Web and working around an affiliate marketing believes to be the most excellent strategy ever made. And below is why:



What is Affiliate Marketing?

  • Brief History: When it all started
  • Revenue Sharing
  • Passive Income

The Pros of Affiliate Marketing to the Business

  • Low-cost in a high
  • Convenient in so many ways
  • An actual investment that works

Why practice affiliate marketing?


What is an affiliate marketing?

An affiliate marketing is a marketing activity in which an online retailer rewards its affiliates for each visitor or customer brought in by the affiliate’s own marketing work.

This kind of marketing is by far the largest activity done online today as it is treated as one of the fast money-making schemes up to date.


The four core players:

  • the merchant (also known as ‘retailer’ or ‘brand’)
  • the network (that contains offers for the affiliate to choose from and also takes care of the payments)
  • the publisher (also known as ‘the affiliate’)
  • the customer


Brief History

Affiliate marketing started 4 years after the creation of the World Wide Web on the date November 1994. William J. Tobin started the idea of affiliate marketing and he put it in practice. After their launch of Prodigy Network, Tobin’s own Business; PC Flowers&Gifts gained $6 million per year.

Right after he launched a beta version of his business with IBM, he began garnering 2, 600 affiliates by 1995.  

Once he started making such a success, a chain reaction amongst online businesses started with their affiliate marketing and Amazon was among one of them.


Revenue sharing

Marketers, startup businesses, or online entrepreneurs all have one common goal – to promote and generate money while doing so. And with affiliate marketing, it goes both ways. While a business promotes a service, they do it while working with other businesses; like other blogs. These will place the link of the main business (or a campaign) within their website. This can be done through the online store’s own marketing effort. With every click and purchase, the business will get their sales and the online store will be paid through their affiliate deal. Basically, the blog is earning through commission base. Makes sense?


The Passive Income

The statistics in making a percentage of money from affiliate marketing differs a lot. While some make too much, others are barely struggling by. The clear reason for this is that no product or service will be in demand that long. One might be on trend right now but who would know what happens next. The income generated from being an affiliate is not the same as making it the next. You can make $1,000 a week but it wouldn’t be as much in the long run. To simply put it, the amount of money that you can make from being an affiliate is not consistent. Nevertheless, you’re still making money out from promoting other businesses and still generate some even when you’re just sleeping.


The Pros of Affiliate Marketing

According to LiveChat Partners, affiliate marketing is an easier business model. You just need to contact probable affiliate marketers, check if they are relevant to your goal, and make a deal on them. If you think that something isn’t working, then you don’t need to troubleshoot it. You just have to decide whether or not you’re going to continue with your work. Not only that but an affiliate marketing is already a win-win for the business and the affiliate.  


Low-cost in a high-profile industry

An affiliate marketer isn’t as expensive as hiring someone from a marketing agency. All you need to do is to look for that one person that is willing to be your affiliate. There are so many online entrepreneurs who are willing to do this for you. The expense is low on this one because your expense comes directly with how much you’re paying your affiliate marketer, and you’re only paying from every purchase made by a customer through the affiliate. There’s no expensive maintenance fee or a monthly allowance in comparison with hiring a real specialist for this one.


Convenient in so many ways

It is convenient since the work is made through the internet and your computer. Sometimes, you might want to call your affiliate but other than that, all transactions, meetings, and whatnot are done through a virtual process. Which means, no matter where you are or what you are currently doing, you can always talk or reach your affiliate marketers in no time.

Aside from having the virtual comfort, an affiliate marketer holds the power which you might not have. You may have your followers but an affiliate has the right audience, reach, and knows how to mix their advertisements without overdoing it. In that way, you have a natural connection towards a platform that you cannot reach out to alone.


An actual investment that works

Working with an affiliate is an investment on itself. Simply because once you work with one, you would know when you’re spending for a transaction and when you’ll be getting your sales. You’ll only wait for an actual sell out through your affiliate before you pay the necessary commission to him or her. It’s a win-win situation; you have marketing out from other businesses, you’ll only be paying after the purchase and vice-versa.


Why do you need an Affiliate Marketer?

An affiliate marketer can give you good tidings – one is it will only cost you cheap. You won’t need to spend too much out from your company’s pocket. Two is you only get to choose and limit the people that would become one of your affiliate – no one else. This means that you have the firsthand pick on who can help you out with your sales. Thirdly is that an affiliate marketer knows people – and these individuals are your customers.

An affiliate marketing is known to be the highest and most profitable way with doing a business especially if you’re trying to launch a campaign or not.  

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