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SERP’s Look in 2018

Could there be a newer SERP?

The ever changing work of Google is brought to you by their continuous improvements in their algorithms. Certain sources say that Google change their system more than “500 times each year”. With that being said, it’s even more challenging to develop or discover effective ways to develop your website into more of Google’s “need”.

The SERP’s work of this popular search engine is to make sure that every result or search, it comes out fast enough in just one go It is and has been their plan since they want to make sure that their users are getting the best experience when they are surfing the net.

With the rate that they are working on now, you should expect that in 2018 there are bigger changes that can affect your digital strategies as of the moment. Here are the things to expect with SERP as of the moment;


Quick Answers

The rule of Google right now is to make sure that they serve the users. As in, they want to provide all their work to anyone who wants to use their search engine. This means that with the increasing demands of users, the more Google will optimise their system – they want to give out more quick answers than what they usually do.


And why are they doing this?


Because people are growing and their needs must be sought out especially if you’re the one who is providing the work. That is the most basic thing to do in a business. Another reason for this is that since 2013, Google has seen a dropped in overall internet usage.

They discovered that the more a user waits for their page to load, the bounce rate increases. And Google will lose if this keeps happening. Thus, they are finding ways to deliver the answers the right and fastest way.


Ranking the “trending” news

Gone are the days where you just casually type in the news you wanted to know about and search through the results for your answers. Right now, Google is changing that. Once you type in a keyword, you’ll be met with news. No matter how simple it is, once a keyword has a corresponding news, it will show as is.

What is happening here is that Google wants to provide rich news with rich snippets and rich information – something that can gauge a user’s interest and be informed. 


Answer boxes are the new competition.

The answer boxes are the new “in” as they provide instant and very specific answers to searches. Answer boxes may not rank first organically but they will through SERP. Since more and more people are looking for answers – Google made it a point to do just that.

In the long run, competitors/business websites will fight their way into answer boxers. They will try to outdo one another to ensure that they can get to SERP first and rank number 1 on it.


Introducing mobile-friendly searches


Mobile usage and its traffic are increasing right now. That’s already a no brainer – since everyone has their own mobile phones. But the increase of mobile usage when surfing the net is getting Google’s attention. And in the end, Google will focus more on mobile search traffic in the near future.

The overall interface has changed when 2017 rolled in. How much more could happen in 2018?

There are new filters, new themes, new look which can give marketers a field day when it comes to using it for local-based traffic.  


It’s not everyday that Google will change their system but once they do, expect that it’ll be huge since the digital industry is always evolving. And 2018 is bringing in systematically more.

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