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Premium Editorial Mentions

Links from the world's most recognized publications

What Is SERPHero Premium Editorial?

Our Premium Editorial Mentions gets you published articles on your industry’s top publications.  We have access to highly sought-after top-tier publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Huffington Post.  These articles get you powerful trust and authority that gets your ranked in search engines.

Why Use Premium Editorial?

Premium Editorial Mentions on top industry publications get SEO benefit from these high-quality links as well as branding for your business.

Our team of professional writers are highly skilled and are contributors to the top sites around the world.  We add links to your site through high-value content that provide a natural link back to your site and gives Google a strong editorial backlink signal.


How do you find the blogs to publish articles?

We manually reach out to premium top rated sites. Once secured, our professional writers will create an article with links back to your site.

What keywords do you use?

Our goal is to write high-quality articles that speak to the reader, and the link is naturally placed in the writing. These posts are less likely to use keywords.

Do I get to approve the blog article before it’s posted?

Yes, unlike other white-label SEO agencies, you get to review the blog before it’s published..

How long does it take to get a guest post published?

Because all our premium editorial mentions are done manually and then a custom article is written, turn around time is about 30 days. This also can fluctuate based on publishing schedules for the site

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