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Here’s Why Chats are Marking History

The digital industry has long since improved with so many ways and here’s one of its masterpiece.

As movies have depicted, the future is here and everything that seem so far away from before are happening right now. From jetpacks to floating cars, from small touch phones down to robots – these extraordinary things have come to exist altogether with humanity. Even before, movies have portrayed the future in a remarkable canvas yet time exceeds all other expectations and the present ones are locked up in a digital world.

With the developments of the digital resources, there have been essential changes when it comes to using technology as well as the way people are monopolizing the internet. Physical businesses are bringing their work digitally; email correspondence, customer interaction and even with online delivery. But who could blame them? The digital era has not only brought about awesome and cool technologies in hand but also the way it provided businesses two of the most necessities in giving services – it has improved the social and marketing reach of every existing company.

There are so many changes that the internet has given and it doesn’t limit in just working around digital platforms. There have been many features that came into light and one of them is called a chatbot.


What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is an online feature or an application that most businesses are using now in order to provide customer feedback, effectively deliver communication, and supply a channel as a way to deliver goods and services. There are so many businesses nowadays that have activated their chatbots so that clients or customers alike can get a response in an early state.

A chatbot has extraordinarily bypassed the interest of users these days. It became one of the most used feature relating to both business and the internet. Chatbots are being used now as a feature in websites so that the response rate is much faster. When an individual opens a website that he or she is looking for, a chat will pop out usually on the far side of the screen with questions such as; “how may I help you?” or “Hi, I’m Ruby. Do you have any questions for me?”. In this way, people are encouraged to type in their situation on that tiny little box and convey their questions via chatbot.

There are also bots that follows specific rules and instructions. It pops-out on the screen and lets users choose which one fits best with their situation. The main take-away on this is that chatbots were created to help out on business transactions.  


The Chatbots.

There are 3 main chatbots and each has different programmed data depending on the work that is expected from them.


  1. Scripted bot – this has a series of script that allows the user to click through options that matches with the situation in hand.
  2. Intelligent bot – is an artificially intelligent bot that allows instructions through text or speech. This type of a bot can freely accept whatever is inputted in the system but relies solely on that. It has a limited knowledge since it waits for instruction but it is still intelligent nonetheless.
  3. Application bot – is used with a graphical interface and develop by app developers. So basically, the apps you’re using now are also chatbots.


Chatbots Uses

With how chatbots were created, its system and utilization have covered different activities required by a human touch. The following are one amongst the few uses of chatbots:


  1. It allows food delivery from anywhere as long as it is done by a person.
  2. It allows “chats” real-time done by people to ask questions about a service or product or even can input an emergency.
  3. It allows customer feedback or employee monitoring.


Why Chatbots are Marking the Future

As the virtual need increases as time progresses, a good number of  improvements were done on chatbots. With these changes, it allows the chatbots to gain knowledge, experience and usage, just like humans. The killer take-away of chatbots are its uses; how it will improve in time can drastically change the game of the industry.

Voice assistant became an important role with what will happen next in the future; so imagine happening that with voice assistant bots which is not not impossible in this time. Next thing we know, chatbots will be used in a good number of digital activities.

How developers can manage to do so is an open debate but not impossible. With so many resources opened and how time is evolving, chatbots will cover digital tasks in such ease.


Chatbots are important to millenials too. 


People born in the “millennial” state favour technology more than anything else. They can input emergencies, have their questions answered, providing feedback and everything. It became their favourite and they use chatbots more than anything else.

With the usage of chatbots, don’t you think it’s going to define what will become of the future?


How does it work?

Hubspot gave a very an awesome preview of how chatbots work. Chatbots simply has a system that derives from commands or scripts and delivers as it programs those set of scripts. For example, you needed to find a certain item in a specific website. A chatbot appears out of nowhere and you type right where you’re supposed to input your information. According to Hubspot, chatbots have an “inbound message framework” that follows a series of “system” to deliver you what you need. These are:


  1. Connect – which makes the app or feature or messenger or whatever you’re using available to you for a conversation.
  2. Understand – these are questions that must be answered to you that will provide the information that you need.
  3. Refine – your answers will be optimized and will create a strategy to discover what you really need.
  4. Deliver – once it knows what you want, it will provide you solutions, answers or information.


Chatbots will finish what they intend to do – to help you out to whatever extent. Of course, if you’re plotting something else, then that’s another story.


It’s also the future of marketing.

Chatbots are now being used for marketing. And that’s not a surprise. With how digital marketing is now in the industry, it will use anything it has to get that actual reach. Many businesses nowadays are using chatbots not only to entertain customers but also to help them out with “teaching” people how to use their services. There are even chatbots now serving hundreds of customers helping out with deliveries, online deliveries, booking tickets and so much more. Remember, chatbots are basically a set of system to ‘help’ out. And that’s what some ads are doing.



In the end, bots are the new digital superheros that will give you anything that you need, from start to finish. With AIs and high-technology, bots will not only be use for deliveries and answering simple questions, but they will be much more. As far as their efficiency goes, as long as chatbots will continue their improvements, there will be things for them to offer no matter what the price.  

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