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All About SEO: Simple Step by Step Guide for Beginners

8 out of 10 individuals use the internet to search; not only to answer basic earthly questions but also to search for services or products that they would want to buy.  Search engine optimization or better known as SEO these days is the epitome of online activities; it’s also the bread and butter of online businesses. It helps websites rank in search engines, such as Google, and gain traffic for virtual visibility.

If you want to learn more about SEO for your business, here’s some of the things that you need to know about it.



What is a Search Engine?
  • Major functions of a search engine.
  • Crawling
  • Indexing
The Basics of SEO
  • What is the importance of SEO?
    • Appear on top of SERPS.
    • User experience and movability of the website.
    • Users trust only those that top on search results.
Advantages of SEO
    • Better conversion rates.
    • Build awareness.
    • Return on Investment
More about SEO
  • White Hat Link Building
  • On and Off Page SEO
Why Hire a Professional SEO Specialist?


What is SEO?


SEO is an online system which helps websites obtain virtual visibility on any search engines in existence today. But unlike any other strategies, SEO organically gain search engines results; not paid or sponsored. It takes up more work because it doesn’t involve monetary exchange.

This basically means that the search or online visits of a single webpage is done organically; without any tint of automatic labor. SEO needs time and it must be done correctly. Online consumer behavior is monitored to make sure that their activities online are being analyzed well. It needs quality traffic which means the visits a web page gained is through an authentic search and click.


What is a Search Engine?

A search engine allows any user to scour the internet via the World Wide Web. It helps people by dispensing results whenever someone searches on things online. It uses a script that goes through documents, files, music, and/or just about anything on the internet.

Major functions of search engines.

An information is stored on a website and to get that specific information, may it be for work, school or just a daily need, one would have to use the search engine.

  1. Crawling or also known as the web spider is a part of the search engine within its system. It’s the single most important software that was ever created. It goes through each website and existing addresses to get information and store it in a database.

2. Indexing happens once the crawling stops scouring the web. This is where the contents or information are stored or “indexed” through the count of the “search” it took for the website to be found.


What’s the Importance of SEO?

Search engines are serving the online world today – which means that with SEO, one can generally use it to their advantage. SEO is the process of letting users see or gather relevant information with whatever they might use it. It also provides websites the visibility they need to promote their content properly. This is essential in the online world since there are a lot of websites which had already outranked everyone; meaning their contents are always seen as the first. Here are some important things about SEO:

  1. Appear on top of SERPS.
  2. User experience and movability of the website.
  3. Users trust only those that top on search results.

Search engine optimization is unique when itself. It provides organic traffic to websites; a naturally given website rank as seen on most websites topping number 1 in search results. Once a website garner enough “respect” coming from search engines, it can rank on top and be seen by millions of users.


Advantages of SEO

Better Conversion Rates

SEO has gone through a lot of changes which affects existing web pages to date. Since the aim is to have a quality content, websites must be user-friendly. This means that it must be configured both on mobile and computer browser. With such easy operation, there’s a huge chance that your page will be seen on the top of search engines and consumers LOVE that. This is your high card; people loving your web content will come back, again and again, to check it out! That’s better conversion than any other marketing.


Brand Awareness

By having a website, it is essential that the webpage itself is getting the audience that it needs in order to outrank competitors in the industry. To do this, by optimizing a website that is easy and good with SEO, the site can be searched whenever the keyword is searched. For example, if you have a laundry shop – and your website is, with good SEO, whenever an online user search for laundry shops whenever his or her area, your keyword will be a good hit while on research.

Using SEO can help websites rank in SERPS. And with better traffic, the page that is getting good traffic will be able to top search engines. In that case, customers or users who are frequenting the search bar will only trust those that are on the top page.

This is where you can get the brand awareness that you need for projects and campaigns. From one customer to another, optimized web pages will be seen all through online platforms and there’s a huge probability that a customer will share it.  


Better ROI or Return of Investment

A paid advertisement ultimately gets points in Google’s Indexed and once the ad is run through their mill, there’s a huge chance that online users will see that ad. So, imagine buying a specific ad for promotion, and with that ad running through every search results – there’s a percentage on that runtime that people will start clicking. And when it gets clicked, a good number of those clicks will convert into a sale.

With not too much expenses and clicks that are just right by the window, the investment is just


More about SEO


White Hat Link Building

The white hat works numerous of ways when it comes to SEO. If a website is practicing white hat link building, it’s more likely that the site will get noticed enough with the right people and it makes the ranking much faster.

White hat – speaks louder than what it is meant. It specifically connotes that the practices are well within the terms and policies of link building; no spamming and certainly no exchange of prices. Google, the giant company, dislikes any tricks that were created in order to fool their system. So using white hat link building is a safe strategy for most.

On Page SEO

This is the SEO that you practice on your site. There will be lots of plug-ins and content to check to ensure that it’s friendly for the whole website layout. If you’re planning to upload a blog post or just casually mentioning your campaign here and there, you need to use online tools to be able for this to be acquired.

Off Page SEO

An Off-page SEO is an SEO work that is done with the help of OUTSIDE sources, and this one takes a lot of effort. You need to look for prospector of your work, someone that can accept your content to be shared on other websites; an owner of another webpage that is willing to link one of your pages to their content. And it goes on! There are so many ways that you can do this and it needs a lot of practice!


Why hire an SEO Specialist? 

An SEO specialist is a person behind all the great SEO practices. Whether you’re hiring one for your team or an SEO company, when done right, it will provide a cost-effective traffic and revenue for your business. An SEO specialist knows what to do and what tools to use, so you wouldn’t have to worry about any SEO related problems. The specialist can provide you with reports as a part of your physical data. With that, you can see the growth that you’ll be able to see in all the areas of your website.

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