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A Guide to Google’s SERP Features

Here’s a look on an online SERP.

SERP or Search Engine Result Pages are sites served to users that are using search engines, like Google. It’s the system that delivers information to anything that is “keyed” or written in the search bar. So for example, if you’re looking for “ways to cook fish”, then you’ll get results that would teach or inform you on ways to cook the fish you’re about to eat.

What you’ll be seeing or reading depends solely on what you’ve typed in on that search bar. Now, since there are tons of websites out there, it’s totally impossibly that you wouldn’t be able to get what you’ve been looking for.

As time goes by, Google and all other search engines company out there are have increasingly improved their interface and on how they run their “work”. Users have seen quite a few upgrades in a while. But here are some things to note with SERP features:



A Snippet is that rich information or description. It’s show in the first page and of the first rank of results. It’s basically on the top and gives you a little sneak peek of what you’re trying to look for. It provides answers almost immediately w

hich means that you don’t need to click through all the other sites if you think you have your answer right there.

Snippets can give a website traffic the boost it needs since a lot of users would basically go to the first rank on the top rather than the second or even the last.



Adwords are basically ads that run whenever you’re in the internet “looking”. Adwords nowadays are run on the top and bottom part of search results. They typically cover 4 “lines” of the SERP before results are shown.

Adwords are paid ads done by businesses that want to expose their names everywhere in search engines’ maps. Websites who have adwords operate within their pages and gets their brand name from all across an SERP. The price varies within the package that is being used but nonetheless, it’s still an advert that can be used for promotion.



Related questions are becoming popular nowadays. Remember that most users are using Google or Bing or Yahoo as a platform to ask questions. You can type a question on the search bar and rest assured that the answer will be brought to you once you click on “enter”.

Now, just like Google, they are putting questions at the front of their services. Whatever an individual may put on the search bar, it will always have a “questions” or People Also Ask as a part of the search result. This gives more users a chance to browse out any other websites that have the answers in their content.


Local Search

SERP allows local search if it sense that one is searching for a “local opportunity”. Pizzas, restaurant, dentists or anything that relates to a service which is already registered in Google’s Local Search will be shown. This makes it easier for people to locate who or what they are looking for. Usually, they are shown at the top 3 results in SERP and can give you a very accurate answer to whatever you maybe searching locally.

There’s a timely change when it comes to online features and there be a lot more coming. Stay tuned!

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