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A Beginner’s Guide: What is Search Engine Marketing

The thing about SEM? It can help you a lot.

Record says that last 2007, U.S advertisers spent a billion for advertising. This could only mean one thing, that there is indeed a growth to businesses and how they handle marketing. As time passes by, a lot of adverts are done through digital or the internet browsers, primarily like Google. It was last 2016 that Google was seen leading the market search for global industries averaging to almost 90%.

This is how and what SEM or search engine marketing came to be. It is a type of advertisement done through digital set-up which makes use of paid advertising. Businesses know the great value of advertising in search engines or what is called SERP and some of them do this through paying for ads strewn across the online world. Since almost all the population these days take the internet as their “god of all answers, company owners pay for it so that their “brand” is spread throughout any available search results. Hence, making Google richer by the minute.


SEM and SEO: they are basically best friends.

Whilst SEM is a paid service to put up an advertisement, SEO is also its opposite side. Search engine optimisation is used to help “rank” a content or a business in search engines. It uses high quality content when it comes to “advertising” businesses. If you noticed that there’s a lot of “external links” once you do your research online, then you’ve probably bumped into an SEO tactic since its main focus is to “link” on quality contents.

But even if SEO is free and SEM is paid, both of them exist in the digital world since they go hand in hand. They are the most essential strategy that every business websites out there use to gain exposure to a million of users on the internet.


Diving deeper into SEM: the keyword is important.

Keyword is the center of all SEM; because all internet users enter “keywords” when they are scouring the net. To put it simply, once you search for words like “food” or “restaurants”, search results will give you name of restaurants near you. So if Pizza hut would want to be shown on top of your list, they would have to get smart with their keywords if they’re doing SEM. It is the number 1 strategy in search engine marketing.


Links to other sites.

This is why businesses that are currently practicing SEM must be aware of SEO as well. Remember that these two go hand-in-hand which means that they go together as what was planned. While you’re trying to figure out the keywords you’d want to work out well for your business sites, make sure that your website can also be found on other content.

In other words, you need SEO to get your own backlinks. You need to be popular and to do so, you need to rank up and for that to happen, we go back again to SEO.

The more rank you get, the better chances that you’d be found on first page results in Google or Bing or Yahoo. And with that happens, users who are searching for practical answers would trust you and your site. Et voilà! You can now gain more followers or visitors once you have this down on your pocket.


You also need other platforms.

And this goes by saying that you need a lot of platforms along the way, like using Social Media for one, having an RSS feed or putting a blog on your website. Aside from users trust websites that have a lot of content, it can also give you more exposure and some tools that can provide you with more reach.

There’s so much more that you need to learn about SEM but since you already have your basic here, all you need to do is to learn how to use them.

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